Teeth Related Questions

It is idle to get teeth examined and cleaned if required every 4 to 6 months depending on your history.

Yes, with routine dental and preventive care combined with excellent oral hygiene your teeth could last your entire life. Remember schedule and keep your cleaning appointments and floss every day. That will put you in the low-risk group for gum disease, the number one reason for tooth loss.

General Questions

No, when proper techniques are used, most dental care can be extremely comfortable and pain-free. We use only the most modern and effective pain control techniques. Additionally, office I.V. Sedation techniques or G.A. techniques are available for highly apprehensive patients.
As you can see we have excellent center hours and most of our patients are given appointments within a reasonable time period. Emergency patients are seen and treated immediately.
Absolutely. The developmental phase of Dental Implantology ended more than two decades ago. Technology is always being improved, but research studies have clearly established the effectiveness of Dental Implants. Dental Implants are manufactured from safe, biocompatible materials. All Dental Implant devices are regulated by agencies of the government. Dental implants have revolutionized the concept of replacement of missing teeth in dentistry and given it a new meaning it’s a functionally and aesthetically viable long-term replacement of teeth. It’s the closest that dentistry has come to replace natural teeth and replicate its functioning capabilities.

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