Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers are used for a variety of treatment procedures. Dr Veejay Deshpandey knows which types of patient care are more patient-friendly with a laser than with alternative traditional methods. Our dentists who use lasers have devoted training time and expense to be able to bring you the many advantages of this exciting new technology.

We provide the following services in laser Dentistry:-

Laser Root Canal

Canal Sterilization: Majority of Root canal failures are attributed to incomplete removal of tissue from the canals. Laser tip when inserted within the canals, burns any tissue left and hence reduces the chance of failure.

Laser Decay Removal

Laser has the ability to selectively remove the very beginning stages of tooth decay — caries which is confined to enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. The laser’s interaction with the decay is self-limiting. Once the decay has been selectively removed, the sound, flashing, and pulsing sensation stops because the laser does not interact with sound tooth enamel.


Laser Smile Designing

At our smile designing center, Our latest laser smile designing technology helps us give you a better smile at a faster pace. We are equipped with latest laser equipment to give you your best smile ever. No pain or anesthesia. We have caring dentists in our center that gives solutions to patients and delivers impressive cosmetic reconstruction and comprehensive results


Laser General Dentistry

If the thought of that drill operating anywhere in your mouth gives you the chills or cold sweats, particularly the wailing children, then maybe it’s time to investigate laser dentistry. Laser dentistry eliminates many of the common complaints of traditional dentistry. A laser device replaces the rotary tool and can be used for everything from surgery to tooth bleaching. There are currently four areas of dental care that are enjoying the benefits of laser technology i.e., Cavity removal, Whitening teeth, Periodontal, or gum related care, Curing, or hardening bonding materials.

Advantages Of Treatment

Laser Surgery doesn’t require general anesthesia as it is a pain less surgery
Conventional treatment methods typically have longer recovery times. Laser therapy helps you get back to your daily routine faster than other treatment methods.
 Bacterial infections occurring at the treatment site are rare as the laser sterilizes most of the infections

Laser Treatment is highly precise which leads to less loss of blood while treatment

Laser Treatment
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